Alan C. Taylor

About me

I grew up on a mountain swallowed up by kudzu just across the river from Chattanooga, Tennessee.

In college and graduate school I studied nineteenth-century American literature, culture, and history. I’m interested in backcountry settlements in the early republic and conflicts between Native peoples and settlers.

I teach writing and research to first-year students.

I’m very interested in open-source software and culture. I’m a fan of Canonical’s Ubuntu and System 76’s Pop OS. I’m particularly enthused by the Pandoc, Markdown, and Hugo projects.

Lately I’ve been listening to The National and Aidan Knight a lot.

When there is no pandemic about, I follow the Boston Red Sox and the Tennessee Volunteers football team.

I’m a mildly accomplished computer nerd.

I have two adorable little kids who never let me get a full night’s sleep but are probably the best thing that ever happened to me.

Alan Taylors I am not: